Australia to End Live Sheep Export

Live Sheep Export

Most Australians are opposed to the live sheep export trade. Now the Albanese government has introduced legislation to bring it to an end. Animals Australia’s investigations have stripped away the veil of secrecy that had protected this cruel trade for far too long.

A victory 20 years in the making.

By Animals Australia, June 20, 2024

Within days, an historic vote could signal the beginning of the end of an industry that has caused immense animal suffering. It’s taken dozens of investigations, irrefutable evidence of animal cruelty, high profile media exposés, and hundreds of thousands of Australians calling for change to bring us to this tipping point: a landmark vote in the Federal parliament seeking to ban live sheep export.

Shining light on cruelty

Animals Australia’s first investigation in 2003 provided the Australian public and politicians with their first ever insight into the cruel reality of live sheep export. It was routine for sheep to be tied to roof racks, and stuffed into car boots in suffocating heat, only to then face the terror and pain of fully conscious slaughter.

Reaching the masses

Our live export investigations have received unprecedented national media coverage, stripping away the veil of secrecy that had protected this cruel trade for far too long. Finally, an industry that had operated as a ‘law-unto-itself’ could be scrutinised and caring eyes could see the suffering animals were enduring.

Uncovering suffering at sea

Footage showing sheep stuck in melted hot faeces, suffering extreme heat stress and literally ‘cooking alive’ at sea sparked a strong public and political backlash. Such horrific suffering was well-known to industry, but thanks to a brave whistleblower, the disturbing reality for sheep on live export ships was finally revealed.

Galvanizing the nation

United in grief and compassion for animals, caring Australians have rallied in their thousands in every capital city, demanding an end to live sheep export. An industry able to operate in secrecy until our investigations began, became a catalyst for fierce public and political debate – about both animals and our national character.

Setting landmark precedents

Animals Australia’s investigations have led to a ban on the live sheep trade to Egypt and trade suspensions to multiple countries. We also won a landmark Federal court case against the Commonwealth live export regulator when we challenged a decision that allowed the export of a sheep shipment.

Becoming the industry ‘watchdog’

This picture was taken in Oman in 2023 – 11 years after regulations were put in place requiring exporters to prevent such awful treatment of animals. Since 2012, we’ve lodged 76 legal complaints exposing the unwillingness of exporters to follow the rules, and fortifying the political case for the trade to end.

Saving sheep from live export

Since our first investigation, the number of sheep exported live has dropped from 6 million annually to around 500,000. We achieved a prohibition on shipping sheep for three months of the year – during the Northern summer. Most Australians are opposed to the trade and the Albanese government has introduced legislation to bring it to an end…

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