Confessions of a Killer

My viruses probably killed thousands.
Image by ambroo from Pixabay

If the “science” is right I must have killed thousands of people in my lifetime.

You see, by the time I turned ten I had suffered all of the contagious childhood illnesses including measles, mumps and chickenpox. Later came gastroenteritis, influenza, pneumonia and numerous stomach upsets and colds. All of these diseases are potentially deadly to the vulnerable, so by middle age my viruses had probably killed hundreds. And by now, it has to be thousands.

I always washed my hands, covered my mouth when I coughed or sneezed and stayed away from other people when I was ill, but now I see that wasn’t enough. I just had no idea how dangerous I was!

Until early 2020 I had never even thought about how far and wide my deadly viruses might spread, even if I had no symptoms. Heck, for years I was probably “shedding” viruses that went on to infect someone’s Grandma or Grandpa with the flu or some killer gastric bug, even when I was perfectly healthy!

I touched handrails on escalators and buttons in elevators. I handled things in shops. I pushed shopping trolleys, I touched door handles, touchpads, public telephones and cash. Banknotes! What if I was an asymptomatic … “super spreader”?

I shook hands! I hugged people! I even … kissed people! I laughed so loud my killer viruses must have shot right across the room!

If only I’d known that I should have been “locking down”, “self isolating”, “elbow bumping”, “social distancing”, “hand sanitizing” and “masking up”, dammit!

But it’s not just me. According to the “science” we’re all killers. That is, unless we’ve spent our lives applying the Corona rules to the thousands of other potentially deadly viruses circulating.

I wonder why the global and national health experts haven’t alerted us to this “science” ever before or terrorised and shamed the world into shutting down for other potential killer viruses?

Yes, I know, they say if you catch this one it’s far more deadly. So let’s look at the numbers; their numbers by the way.

For example, if you’re aged 0 to 19 your chance of survival is just 99.99%. If you’re 20 to 49 your chance drops to 99.98%. If you’re in the 50 to 69 age group you’d better get your affairs in order; your chance of survival is only 99.5%. And if you’re 70 or more your chance of getting though it alive is just … 94.6%.

What? Everyone has close to a 100% chance of survival.

Keep in mind, at 70 your chance of surviving all causes of death for another year, anyway, is about 98% and at 80 about 95%. So, even seniors have little to fear.

For most people, the odds of dying from other causes is far greater. Yet the “science” tells us that this virus is “unprecedented” and so deadly that, for the first time ever, normal living threatens the lives of others.

But as shown above, the “science” is refuted by the data.

Perhaps I’m not a killer after all. Perhaps we, all of humanity, who have been spreading viruses without even knowing it, all of our lives, have helped people stay healthy by building immunity, the way nature intended.

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