Delta variant lurks, understands, waits, counter-attacks!

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard

Don’t laugh. It’s serious. This is one cunning little variant.

Hazzard: Delta variant a formidable foe capable of counterattacking health orders.

The World News, June 26,2021.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard says the Delta variant of Covid-19 is a “formidable foe” capable of counterattacking the government’s public health orders.

Residents of Greater Sydney are preparing for tighter restrictions after the state recorded 29 new locally acquired cases up until 8pm on Friday.

Minister Hazzard has urged the Sydneysiders to “stay away from other people” to curb the spread of the virus. “The Delta variant is proving to be a very formidable foe,” he said. “No matter what defensive steps we are taking at the moment, the virus seems to understand how to counterattack in different locations.

“This virus is certainly lurking in places we hadn’t expected and it is waiting, it is waiting to actually be able to extend it across Sydney.

“We know it can only spread if we’re near other people. If we stay away from other people, then that’s a major offensive step that hopefully it can’t counterattack against.”

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Are we living in Alice’s Wonderland or what?

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