Elite Fly 400 Private Jets To COP27, Sponsored By Largest Plastic Polluter In World, To Lecture YOU About Climate

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By Matt Agorist, Natural Blaze, November 14, 2022.

“The world is literally burning because of you,” according to the world’s elite who produce more pollution in a few hours than most people make all year.

Currently in Egypt, the world’s elite are meeting at the international climate summit, COP27. Political leaders and billionaires from around the planet are gathering at the luxurious beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to pat themselves on the back for “fighting climate change.” In true elitist fashion, the hypocrisy at the event is palpable and on full display.

The same folks who take to their podiums and constantly play the role of Chicken Little to blame humanity for the destruction of the planet are flying hundreds of private jets across the world to do so. A source with the Egyptian aviation authorities told AFP that “more than 400 private jets landed in the past few days in Egypt.”

“There was a meeting ahead of COP27, and officials were expecting those jets and made some arrangements in Sharm el-Sheikh airport to welcome those planes,” the source said.

The average private jet emits roughly 2 metric tons of carbon for every 60 minutes of flight. To put this into perspective, these same people flying on these jets want you to leave only a 2-metric ton carbon footprint for the entire year. Given that these folks likely spent many hours in the air to make it to the summit, they single-handedly emitted more carbon in 24 hours than many folks will emit in the next decade.

And they did so — to lecture you about how you are making the world “literally burn.”

But that’s not all. These elite hypocrites also invited the largest plastic polluter in the world to sponsor the summit. Coca-Cola, as the NY Times points out, “was named the world’s leading polluter of plastics in 2021, and has increased its use of new plastics since 2019 by 3 percent to 3.2 million tons, according to an annual report issued this month by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.”

This rife hypocrisy should come as no surprise as this is how it’s always been. Remember the 1,500 private jets in Davos as WEF billionaires gathered in 2019 to formulate their “climate” plan for humanity?

Talking about this sort of issue is not acceptable according to the elite. This is why Climate Action Against Disinformation came out ahead of the jet story and used a straw man of a fake post in Spanish using an image of private jets in Vegas to discredit the hypocrisy. Though it was not effective, the information wars continue.

Earlier this year, the private executives at Google partnered up with the intergovernmental organization, the United Nations, in order to control the flow of information on the internet. This partnership was designed to guide users to “authoritative information” when they look up “climate change.”

“We are happy to collaborate with Google to ensure that factual, trustworthy content about climate change is available to as wide a global audience as possible,” said Melissa Fleming, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications. “Misinformation is so widespread these days that it threatens progress and understanding on many critical issues, including climate. The need for accurate, science-based information on a subject like climate change to rise to the top of searches has therefore never been greater.”

There is no shortage of misinformation on climate change out there on the internet but who is Google to decide what we can and cannot see? But maybe that’s the point. Maybe Google doesn’t want you to look behind the curtain at the world’s largest polluters — who happen to be major climate activists, like Google.

Last year, Google launched a climate initiative to help us lowly peasant class reduce our carbon footprint. Inaccurately laying the blame for carbon pollution on the individual, Google is engaging in a disingenuous practice that is common among elite mega-corporations like the one sponsoring COP27.

Though collectively, individual humans certainly add to pollution, the individual is statistically blameless. A single person’s carbon footprint is essentially non-existent compared to the likes of massive corporations and even single elite individuals who own private jets and fly around the planet to scold us about pollution.

This is an extremely inconvenient truth for those who stand at their pulpits and demean the common folks for causing global warming — while they literally create more carbon in just hours than most people do in an entire year. Lest we forget, these are the same people telling us to eat bugs.

It is important to note that the Free Thought Project is not advocating for or against climate change — we are not climate scientists. However, we most certainly think that it is a topic worthy of discussion and research but never government force and undoubtedly ripe for exposing hypocrisy.

Source: Natural Blaze.

Original source: The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on TwitterSteemit, and now on Minds.

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