What Is the Scientific Evidence for the Face Mask Regulation?

Face Mask Regulation

Below is an open letter emailed to Victorian state government officials seeking evidence supporting the Face Mask Regulation. An automated reply from the premier’s office advised: “A reply to your letter can take as long as eight to ten weeks to process for a response.” If and when there is a response I will publish it here.

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP, Premier of Victoria.
The Hon Martin Foley MP, Minister for Health.
Chief Health Officer, Dr Brett Sutton.

Dear Officials,

Regarding the Face Mask Regulation:

According to the Victorian government website https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/face-masks-vic-covid-19 and public statements by government ministers and health officials, wearing a face mask will protect the wearer and/or others from transmitting or contracting a virus.

Please advise:

1. What is the scientific evidence upon which the face mask regulation is based? Please supply references to scientific studies.

2. Before proclaiming the government regulation, were the adverse health consequences of face mask wearing considered. Specifically:

a. Reduced oxygen intake?
b. Increased carbon dioxide intake due re-breathing exhaled breath?
c. The risk of disease from pathogen buildup on face masks?
d. Increased pathogen intake due to re-breathing exhaled breath?
e. The inevitability that untrained people would wear face masks incorrectly?
f. The psychological affects of hiding facial expressions necessary for normal communication – in particular the affects on children and infants?
g. The psychological affects of instilling in people the fear, particularly in children and infants, that their breath and the breath of others might be deadly?
h. The inevitability and risks of widespread use of masks from unregulated suppliers, in regard to sanitary standards and manufacturing residues including loose fibres and toxic chemicals?

3. If the points above were not considered, why not?

4. If the points above were considered what is the scientific evidence to support that any benefit of wearing face masks outweighs these and other adverse affects? Please supply references to scientific studies.

Robin Davis.

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