Israel’s bombing of Gaza ignores Palestinians’ right to exist

Ali Velshi on Israeli/Palestinian conflict

[ED: It is rare indeed for the anyone in the western mainstream media to provide anything like an even-handed commentary on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. This is a welcome exception by MSNBC Opinion Columnist, Ali Velshi.]

By Ali Velshi, MSNBC Opinion Columnist, May 18, 2021,

We have to be able to say that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is apartheid. Period.

Here’s something that gets lost these days when we talk about the Middle East: There is currently no existential threat to the state of Israel. That’s a matter guaranteed by the United States, whose long-standing technological assistance and diplomatic support guarantees that anyone who seriously messes with the Israelis will face the military and economic wrath of the United States. Even Saudi Arabia, a country once considered to be Israeli’s lifelong archenemy, is on side these days.

The real issue in Israel is that Palestinians are, at best, third-class citizens in the nation of their birth. Under international law, Israel has a right to exist and defend itself, especially from external threats. But Palestinians have no state to protect their right to exist, a fact that seems to get missed when tensions flare.

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