Massive Melbourne Protest Against Permanent Pandemic Bill

Kill the Bill march Melbourne November 13, 2021.1-211113

By Robin Davis, November 15, 2021.

A massive crowd, estimated by some at more than 100,000, attended the ‘Kill the Bill’ rally in Melbourne on Saturday, November 13.

Young and old including families and children marched in the pouring rain to express their rejection of vaccine mandates, invasion of privacy, medical coercion and Victoria’s proposed new permanent pandemic Bill.

The Bill, which would replace the State of Emergency powers, that under the current law cannot be extended beyond 15 December 2021, passed the Victorian lower house on 25 October. It is predicted to pass the upper house between 16 and 19 November with the help of Fiona Patten MP, Samantha Ratnam MP and Andy Meddick MP all of whom have continually voted with this government for the extension of emergency powers. The new law would give the premier the power to declare a pandemic and extend emergency conditions every three months for as long as he deemed necessary.

This was the third in a series of Saturday protests and the biggest yet. The crowd marched through the city to Parliament House in Spring Street where hundreds of protesters will maintain a vigil in an effort to ‘Kill the Bill’.

Speakers included Victorian Liberal MP Bernie Finn and federal MP Craig Kelly. Mr Kelly leads the United Australia Party established by Clive Palmer. He spoke against vaccine passports and against Covid-19 injections for children.

“We have a lot of fights ahead of us,” he told the rally, “the most important fight is to protect our children … We are being governed by medical bureaucrats that are part of a mad, insane cult of vaccinists.”

Sign the Petition. Kill Dan's Bill
Sign the Petition. Kill Dan’s Bill.

Kill the Bill

Sign this petition and SHARE it with everyone you know.

102,010 signatures
Goal: 150,000 Signatures

If passed the Bill would enable:

The Victorian premier to declare a pandemic without parliamentary oversight or democratic checks and balances.

Declaration of a pandemic even with no active cases in the community and with no time limit, making it potentially permanent.

Discriminatory Pandemic Orders based on race, political beliefs, vaccination status and other attributes.

Penalties of up to 2 years jail and $90,000 fines for breaches of Pandemic Orders.

An Open letter by the Victorian Bar association.

An open letter signed by some of Victoria’s leading legal minds states:

The overriding concern is that the Bill, if passed, may allow the Victorian government effectively to rule the State of Victoria by decree for the foreseeable future, without proper Parliamentary oversight or the usual checks and balances on executive power.

Read the complete letter here.

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