Scott Armstrong Interview – How Employers Are Quietly Removing The Non-Compliant

Experimental medical intervention

By Cristián Ryan, The Last American Vagabond, September 1, 2021.

Joining me today is Scott Armstrong from the Truthzilla podcast, here to discuss how he was recently fired after he took it upon himself to help those in need by providing publicly available resources to those unwilling to be coerced into an experimental medical intervention.

These were resources that outlined a pathway to legal exemption from coerced injection – something these “leaders” willfully failed to make available for their staff. In fact, it appears as if they went out of their way to hide it.

This action by Scott, despite being entirely legal, was obviously not okay with his superiors who had already decided for everyone that this injection was simply “the right thing to do”, regardless of individual choice and personal safety – in fact, despite it. 


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