The New Normal requires a NEW Response

People power.
People power. We can simply say no.

By Catte Black.

(Excerpts from the article)

What we are facing is not just a new level of tyranny, but a new kind of tyranny. One that requires more than passive obedience or inaction from people in order to preserve their status quo.

* * *

The New Normal demands people do things to positively reinforce that Normal, not simply passively consent. People are being asked to make fundamental changes to their daily lives and proactively DO things that inconvenience, impoverish or endanger them and their loved ones. They are being asked to wear masks, remain inside, refuse contact, close stores, all as individual acts of faith in the truth and reality of the narrative.

* * *

This means it’s not principally the PTB who are enforcing this narrative – it’s individual people. It’s everyone who is seen to be believing the story. It’s every man, woman and child wearing a mask or social distancing, or closing their business.

* * *

We are not merely bystanders to this event, we are required to be active participants. And that potentially gives us a lot more power. Because we can simply say no.

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