A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”

Time for Civil Disobedience


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains in this recent video why we all need to stand up now and resist with civil disobedience.

Now that the FDA has given a very “curmudgeonly” justification for “approving” Pfizer’s Covid vaccine that leaves many questions unanswered. Also because the science shows that the vaccine has no positive impact on overall mortality but puts young age groups at risk, it has become clear: It’s not about health. It is about control!

“A healthy Child has a zero risk from this disease. And yet the risk from the vaccine is very high.”

That’s why we all need to make our voices heard and express our opposition. Call on friends and neighbours to join us. “Why are you not with me?”, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. quotes American freedom fighter and thought leader Henry David Thoreau.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr. thanks the people who are heading to Berlin to engage in civil disobedience there and elsewhere.

Pfizer/BioNTech Phase III Study
Oxford University Clinical Research Group Study
Johns-Hopkins-Research on Covid in Kids


0:00:01.2: I am Robert F Kennedy, Jr., and I’m very happy to be back with all of you and have the opportunity to address all of my friends in Berlin and activists and freedom lovers all across Europe. Today is August 23rd, and I want to start by talking about a couple of studies that have come out recently that we all should be aware of. One of them, probably the most important is MERCK’s clinical, Pfizer’s clinical trial, for its Covid-19 vaccine. And we now have six months of data that Pfizer was required to file with FDA, and to show to the public. And what anybody who can read can see from that data is the very, very striking confession that there is no all cause mortality benefit from this vaccine. And what that means is that the people who took the vaccine more of them died than the people who took the placebo. And if you go into the granular or analysis of the vaccine, what it shows is that the vaccine does prevent a small number of deaths from Covid 19. But for everybody who’s life was saved from Covid 19, for every life that was saved by the vaccine from Covid 19, three people died from heart attacks. In the vaccine group there were 20 deaths, and in the placebo group there were 14 deaths.

0:01:46.7: What that indicates is that there may be certain people who would want to take this vaccine in certain comorbidities and age groups, but it would be utterly immoral for any government or any business to mandate this vaccine for any human being who was reluctant to take it.

0:02:12.1: And that’s one of the studies. Another study that was released, was a pre-published version of the study in the Lancet on December 10th. The author is Chau et. Al. C-H-A-U, and it was done by the Oxford Research Group, which Oxford University and Ho-Chi-Minh-City. And that study looked at frontline healthcare workers who were on lock-down for a number of months in Ho-Chi-Minh-City during the resurgence of the Delta variant. And what the study shows is that the people who were vaccinated had very, very high numbers of Delta variant in their nasal pharyngs, in their nostrils. In fact, they had 250 times the level, the concentrations of Delta variants in their nostrils as anybody was supporting of Coronavirus prior to the vaccines.

0:03:22.1: Well, something about the vaccine clears the nasal pharyngs to make you a carrier… A pre-symptomatic carrier of Covid, so instead of stopping viral replication, and instead of stopping transmission, the vaccine almost certainly is facilitating transmission! And those people who had the Covid in their nose can pass the Covid, and are passing it, according to this study, unto other workers. And they almost certainly were also passing it to un-vaccinated patients and to other people in their lives.

That’s a very, very important thing to know, is that: This doesn’t save lives. We know that from the first study, from the Pfizer study, and from the Oxford study that it does not prevent transmission, in fact, it may enhance transmission. That’s the best science that we have today.

The third study that I would like you to know about, are two studies by Johns Hopkins and another study published in The Lancet that show, the Johns Hopkins study shows that it’s virtually impossible to find any healthy child in the world who has died from Covid 19. Children have a zero risk, a healthy child has a zero risk from this disease, and yet the risk from the vaccine, it’s very high!

0:04:56.8: In fact, we’re seeing that from the vaccine, the people who are most likely to get ill, or to die, are young people. Covid-19 tends to kill very old people with comorbidities, but the vaccine tends to hurt, to harm and to kill people who are young, who are at the beginning of their lives. And the people who get myocardial infarction from this, myocardial diseases from this, are never healing. Their Hearts simply turn into this scar tissue and will not heal.

0:05:33.2: The reason I’m talking about the studies is because today, FDA promulgated a really an unprecedented approval, which it is casting in a very squirrely way.

0:05:52.7: As an official approval of the Pfizer vaccine. The significance of that approval is that it will allow people to legally mandate the vaccine in our country. But the odd thing was that it didn’t go through any of the regulatory process… The FDA ignored all of the regulatory process, they didn’t convene the committee of outside experts that normally approves new vaccines. And they didn’t show… They didn’t create a manufacturer’s insert, they didn’t explain the science they’re relying on, they didn’t explain the data that they’re relying on, they don’t even technically say that it is an approval, they kind of frame it in their letter as an extension of the emergency use process, but they frame it in their press releases as an approval. And as soon as they took that action, the United States military told soldiers, sent messages out to our soldiers that they had to be vaccinated by Friday or face dishonorable discharge. And all over our country, they’re saying private businesses and government businesses are now imposing mandates.

I’m telling you all this because I want to be clear with you that the government has now… the people who are pushing these vaccines, who have been pushing this odd enterprise from the beginning have come out of the closet, and they have revealed that today that they absolutely… That all pretend that this is about public health, and this is about democracy, and this is about protecting the public, has been dropped. They have come out and made very clear to the public that this is about power, it’s about grabbing power, about imposing it on the rest of us, and imposing a totalitarianism of a kind that humanity has never experienced. Every totalitarian regime in history has sought to control every aspect of human behavior.

0:08:08.3: They’ve never been able to do that because, of course, government can’t read your mind. It can’t follow you around all day, I can’t tell you not to talk to certain people, I can’t follow you in your home and know what you’re doing… Who you’re talking to and what you’re saying, but guess what? Governments today have that power! And we know that they are using it, and they are using this emergency as an excuse to impose totalitarian controls on all of us. A level of authoritarian control that no government in history has had. And at this point, we now have a duty in my opinion to resist. And to resist every opportunity that you get. Each one of us must engage in multiple simple disobediences every day.

0:09:06.5: Many years I’ve been doing this, and I’ve never told anybody, that you should sacrifice your job, or that you should sacrifice reputation or your income by coming out and talking about these issues, it’s always been dangerous. We’ve always, for the 17 years that I’ve been doing this, I face censorship, I face various kinds of intimidation and punishment. But I was uniquely able, resilient, because of other things that I have in my life, my name, my reputation, my livelyhood… The fact that I’m a trial lawyer, and trial lawyers tend to be tolerant of dissent. And so I had an ability to deal with these kind of attacks in ways of many people don’t. And I’ve always avoided telling other people, “You need to come out and talk about what you believe.”

0:10:02.0: People would come to me and say, “I agree with you, but I too scared to had to talk about it”, and I said, I’ve consistently said, “That’s okay.” You support us quietly. You don’t need to expose yourself.

And today I’m telling you something different: “we all need to start exposing ourselves” We need to tell people on the street, “if you’re blocked from going into a business, you need to talk to the business owner.” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be polite and gentle, and peaceful. Ghandi  was polite and gentle, and peaceful, and still resisted. And we need to do that kind of resistance. There is a famous story where Henry David Thoreau was in jail for protesting, ofr refusing to pay his taxes because his tax money was going to support the Spanish-American War, which he believed was an unjust war. And the famous philosopher who was his friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson, came to his jail cell outside of Concord, Massachusetts, and he talked to the barred window to Thoreau… And he said, “David, what are you doing in there?” And Henry David Thoreau said to him: “Ralph, What are you doing out there?” And that is the question that we now need to ask to everybody, “What are you doing out there?” We all need to come on the street, we all need to resist.

0:11:34.0: If your job tells you, you have to get vaccinated and you do not believe it’s good for your health, do not do it! Get fired and then sue them! But we need to resist. This is the same kind of desperate crisis that the founders of our country faced during the American Revolution, and many of them gave up their lives, they gave up their livelihood, they gave up their property, their money, their health in order to provide us our Bill of Rights in this country, the Constitution. They knew that there were things that were much worse than death: The loss of our liberties. And they sacrificed their lives and their livelihood, so that we could have this constitution. But over the past 12 months, we’ve lost those Bill of Rights, we’ve lost the ability to have Jury trials in our country for corporations who are making recklessly and negligently products that are injuring us. We’ve lost the property rights that we once had in this country where a million businesses were closed overnight with no just compensation and no due process… We’ve lost the ability to speak freely. We’ve lost the ability to worship for a whole year, religious institutions and churches have been closed in our country just by a government dictate, although liquor stores were declared essential businesses and left open.

0:13:03.2: But the Constitution does not protect liquor stores, it does protect churches. But the Constitution was irrelevant. We’ve lost the ability to participate in regulation. Regulation is now done by government dictate in our country, by unelected… , a doctor who is now running the American government. Who doesn’t have regulatory process, there’s no notice and comment rule-making. There’s no public participation. There’s no public hearings. All of the steps usually go into promulgating our regulation, that demand public participation, have all been abandoned. And so we’ve lost our democracy now in America. And we’ve lost it all across Europe, and we lost in Canada, and we lost it in Australia. And the only way that we’re going to fight back against these very sinister forces, the Big Tech Robber Barons from Silicon Valley, the Big Banking Institutions, the military and intelligence agencies that are collaborating in this process, in this totalitarian take-over, in this coup d’État against democracy and western liberal freedom that we’re seeing today. All of these forces are collaborating with each other to enslave us. And we need to bind with each other, and we need to fight back.

And each one of you need to do at least three civil disobediences every day! And we need to start doing that all over the place, and that’s how we’re going to recruit new people to our cause, and how we’re going to begin resisting!

0:14:55.5: I want to thank all of you for your efforts to come to Berlin, and I know that I’ll see many of you on the barricades.

Thank you!

Source: Children’s Health Defense

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