Human Rights

Australian Aboriginal art

Human Rights or Indigenous Rights?

If United Nations Special Rapporteur, James Anaya, did not understand why the “lucky country’s” indigenous people live in third world squalor and poverty he does now. He just needed to listen to the Government and…

Sydney Opera House

Lucky Country or Greedy Country?

Proponents of “zero population growth” link birthrate and immigration to climate change as though it were a given. At first, that seems logical enough; stop population growth and you stop the increase in carbon emissions….

Gaza strip Palestine.

Where Are the Weapons?

Israel claims its blockade of Gaza is necessary to stop arms smuggling. They use the same justification for bombing the tunnels into Egypt. Their pretext for the latest bombardment and invasion was to stop rocket…

The stolen generation

What Part of “Sorry” Don’t They Understand?

Many times recently I have heard people ask, “What exactly are we saying sorry for?” The media has quoted similar sentiments from Opposition leader Brendan Nelson and Opposition indigenous affairs spokesman, Tony Abbott. More recently…