My viruses probably killed thousands.

Confessions of a Killer

If the “science” is right I must have killed thousands of people in my lifetime. You see, by the time I turned ten I had suffered all of the contagious childhood illnesses including measles, mumps…

UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

An Eerie Nuclear Silence

A remarkable thing happened on October 24, 2020. It is a date that should go down in history. And yet, as far as I can tell there was barely a mention by the major news…

Spot the lockdowns

Can You Spot the Lockdowns?

Here are graphs of deaths attributed to Covid-19 in six countries. Some had strict lockdown measures; some didn’t. Can you tell which did and which didn’t? If the lockdown, physical distancing and masking rules were…

Hydrogen bomb.

The Forgotten Nightmare: Global Cooling

While global warming dominates the headlines a more urgent danger threatens life on earth. Global warming could make the planet uninhabitable by the end of the century. Global cooling – the “Nuclear Winter” that would…

Sydney Opera House

Lucky Country or Greedy Country?

Proponents of “zero population growth” link birthrate and immigration to climate change as though it were a given. At first, that seems logical enough; stop population growth and you stop the increase in carbon emissions….