International Alert Message of Health Professionals to Governments and Citizens of the World:

International Alert Message

By United Health Professionals. (August 26, 2020)

An important International Alert Message by health professionals, medical doctors and scientists, was sent to the governments of thirty countries. It demands a stop to “terror, madness, manipulation, dictatorship, lies and the biggest health scam of the 21th century”.

Here is the complete statement (pdf).
The statement was sent to these governments (pdf)

The text includes the following quotations from prominent scholars and health professionals:

The world went mad with coronavirus lockdowns which fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics. (Dr Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, June 24, 2020).

The infection fatality rate seems to be about the same as for influenza, but we have never introduced these drastic measures before, when we had influenza pandemics. And we cannot live with them for years to come. (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 1, 2020).

The decision of lockdown as the decision of wearing masks are not based on scientific data. (Prof. Didier Raoult, June 24, 2020).

The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew, etc.] …The lockdown did not trigger the decrease in cases … As for the closure of restaurants which had very strict health protocols in place … of course, I have no way of defending it … it has not influenced the epidemic at all … The lockdown has not changed anything. (Prof. Philippe Parola, December 3, 2020).

There is no scientific evidence to support the disastrous two-metre rule. Poor quality research is being used to justify a policy with enormous consequences for us all. (Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, June 19, 2020).

Grotesque, absurd and very dangerous measures … a horrible impact on the world economy … self-destruction and collective suicide. (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, March 2020. He also sent, at the time, a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course. The pandemic has led to the violation of basic human rights … There has not been the slightest ethical analysis of whether this was justified. It is not. (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 4, 2020).

Dictatorship of masks totally unfounded. (Prof. Christian Perronne, September 22, 2020).

The curfew … was used during the German occupation when the militia and the Gestapo went to the houses. And now we’ll have the police making visits to see if there are more than six people at the table! What is this madness ?! (Prof. Christian Perronne, October 15, 2020).

Every winter in Paris, the ICU beds are totally saturated. We transfer patients … every winter, in normal circumstances. (Prof. Bruno Mégarbane, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, September 27, 2020)

In neither of the 2 waves … all the ICU were not saturated, it is false! (Prof. Michaël Peyromaure, January 18, 2021)

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