Ex-CIA: White House PANICS Over Newly Exposed War Crimes

Ray McGovern

By Stephen Gardner, March 29, 2023

Former CIA Ray McGovern sits down with Stephen Gardner to talk about the Russia Ukraine War. Why Putin is gearing up for a long war. Why Biden and Scholz are in trouble for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipeline and why they are covering it up with silly stories. Plus Ray McGovern reveals China is much more involved in the Russia Ukraine war that anyone is admitting.

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0:05 Ray McGovern former CIA and Security advisor to Ronald Reagan
6:25 How NATO provoked Ukraine Russia war for over a decade with 2022 being the final straw
7:19 Current CIA head is lying about Russia
9:00 Real Reason Putin moved on Ukraine
11:20 China signed off on the Russia Ukraine war at the Olympics
15:50 China much more involved than we knew
21:00 Ray testified to UN Security Council about the NORD STREAM pipeline
25:00 Sweden knows who did the blast but refuses to say because of national security.
27:00 USA screwed over Germany and German economy
31:00 How the RUSSIAGATE hoax was pulled off
33:30 US knew the Russia Sancations weren’t working

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