Australia is going full Fascist … but resistance is growing

Australia Fascism Melbourne Protest

By Kit Knightly, Off Guardian, August 23, 2021.

The Australian government has been leading the pack on Covid-based tyranny from the beginning, but are they pushing their citizens to breaking point?

Covid19 has been used as an excuse to increase government control of pretty much everything, pretty much everywhere.

It is, without question, the greatest campaign to seize power, and greatest assault on personal freedom, of my lifetime. With countries seemingly in a contest to outdo each other’s clampdowns, lockdowns, quarantines and surveillance programs.

From the beginning of the “pandemic” three countries, in particular, have set the pace on this – Canada,Australia and New Zealand. Since last spring these three have been one-upping each other in a race to the fascist finish line. And right now, Australia is putting a sprint in to pull away from the pack.

Cities are going into full lockdown for just one positive test. Some Australian cities and states aren’t just under total lockdowns, but also ever-extending curfews. The details of which read like a dystopian novel.

People are not permitted to leave the state, let alone the country. They’re not even permitted more than 5km (~3 miles) from their home. They’re not allowed out at all after 9pm or before 5am. Masks are mandatory everywhere for everyone. Outdoors and in. No religious services. No weddings. Shoot stray dogs, just in case.

Police barge into “unapproved” shops and fine business owners, or go house-to-house making sure no one has gone out. People who test positive are taken from homes for “indefinite stays” at “quarantine hotels”.

They are herding thousands upon thousands of children in stadiums, without their parents, to perform (allegedly) voluntary mass vaccinations, despite the possible dangers. The army has been deployed to check papers and vaccine status at road checkpoints.

The homes of those “self-isolating” are having government notices nailed to the doors. “Unauthorised protests” are banned, and if you organize one you get 8 months in prison.

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